Clearwater Creek is planting trees around Chautauqua County

in the spring of 2021

We are raising money to plant trees in Chautauqua County NY, focusing on the city of Jamestown. 

1 mature tree can absorb 48lbs of Carbon Dioxide from the air in 1 year. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas that we have too much of in our atmosphere.  This unbalance is causing many environmental issues.

We can help fight this unbalance by planting trees and other plants in our yards. 

Having more plants in your yard and houseplants in your home can significantly improve air quality.  There are toxins in our air that we breathe and can cause health problems.  But plants absorb these toxins and release oxygen, creating cleaner air for us to breathe.

Being in or around nature is proven to boost your mood and reduce stress. So why not bring as much nature into your home and your property as possible. 

Volunteer to Help Plant Trees

Send us an email if you would like to volunteer to help plant trees in the Spring of 2021. 

Exact dates to be determined.

Donate to our Tree Fund

Your money will go towards purchasing trees from local nurseries to plant in our community. 

Thank you so much!


We will send you an email in a few weeks updating you about how your money is being used.

Sign Up to Receive a Tree!

ANYONE who lives or owns a business in Chautauqua County, NY can sign up to receive a tree to plant on their property.  Inside the city limits of Jamestown takes priority, but trees will be donated all over the county.

If You Receive a Tree

We will let you know when and where to pick up your tree.

Let us know if you need your tree delivered to you or if you need help planting.  We will have volunteers ready to plant trees!

After receiving your tree, you must send us a few pictures of the planted tree, confirming that it is planted on your property.


We will email you soon with more information