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Our community has composted more than
35,000 lbs of waste
in Chautauqua County, NY

Compost facility
is permanently closed

Please check back here or follow us on social media to stay updated about future plans

Residential Pick Up  $20/month

We provide you with a 5 gallon lidded compost bucket.  The bucket will include a few month supply of BioBags: certified compostable bags (used like garbage bags) and sawdust (to soak up any liquids and reduce odors).


Then you add all your food scraps, coffee grounds and filters, dog hair, plant clippings, fireplace ash, and more to the bucket.  A basic list of what you can and cannot include will be inside your first compost bucket.

Once a week I come by your house, and if your bucket is out by the curb I stop and dump it.  Just like trash service.

Your compostable items get added to my working compost piles and over a few months, they break down and turn into what looks, feels, and smells like soil. That is the finished compost. It is rich with nutrients and microorganisms that create a "living soil". Living soil is what you find outside in undisturbed earth.  Having that microbiome helps your plants to be very healthy, and full of color.  The fruits are even more nutritious!

All my customers receive free compost every spring to add to your garden, houseplants, bushes or trees! 

$20/month is payable by Cash, Check, Venmo or Paypal

Email, Call, Text, or Message us on Social Media to sign up! We service everyone from Frewsburg to Chautauqua Institution, from Busti to Bemus and everyone in between!


We provide your business with lidded 32 gallon rolling totes.

$15 for the first tote per pick up.

$5/tote for additional totes.

Picked up once a week.

You will add all your fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds and filters, meat, bones, cheese, dog hair, plant clippings, wood ash, office paper, paper towels, plain cardboard, Bioplastics with the recycle code PLA 7, and more to the bin.  A basic list of what you can and cannot include is provided.

All my customers receive free compost every spring to add to your garden, houseplants, bushes or trees! 

Payable by Cash, Check, Venmo or PayPal

Email, Call, Text, or Message us on Social Media to sign up! We service businesses in Frewsburg, Falconer, Kennedy, Busti, Kiantone, Jamestown, Lakewood, Chautauqua Institution, Bemus and everywhere in between!

Why We Compost

1/3 of the earth's top soil is gone.

If we continue like this, there will be no more farming in 60 years.  No farming, means no food.  60 years is within a lot of our lifetimes.  I don't want to see that happen.

Even the soil in your own backyard is most likely nutrient depleted.  Standard lawn care mows the grass and takes all the clippings away.  Leaves are raked up into a pile and dumped elsewhere.  Fallen twigs and branches are removed.  Over time, as your grass and trees and other plants use up the nutrients, your soil becomes depleted and provides less and less nutrients for anything trying to grow there.

But in nature, all of these things would be left right where they landed.  They would break down over time and release important nutrients into the soil.  Other living plants then use those nutrients to grow until it is their turn to fall and return to the earth.  

Removing these things from your lawn is completely acceptable, and safe for the environment, as long as we are adding natural organic nutrients back into that soil.  There are lots of chemical options out there in stores, but many of those chemicals can mess with the balance of our ecosystem.  Not just your property, but there is run-off and those chemicals travel.  They get into our waterways and even into the air we breathe.  

Compost is completely natural and nutrient dense to add all the things that your lawn, plants and gardens are hungry for!  

Let's talk about Landfills.

Landfills are not designed to break things down.  They are designed to store garbage.  A plastic bottle sitting in a landfill can take 500 years to break down.  Glass can take 2 MILLION YEARS to decompose in a landfill! 


Food items such as fruits and veggies, normally take a few months to decompose but sitting in a landfill surrounded by thousands of plastic garbage bags and other trash, there is no oxygen or the correct bacteria, so they don't break down very fast.  And when they finally do, the organic matter has no where to go.  It creates gasses such as methane, ammonia, sulfides, hydrogen and other various gasses.


Everything we throw away will just sit there piling up, making our local mountain of garbage even bigger. 

Composting can divert about 30% of the average household's trash from going into the landfill.  Instead it goes right back to the earth to feed other plants and create healthy living soil!

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