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Our community is doing big things for the environment!  These local businesses are making environmentally conscious decisions right here in Chautauqua County and they deserve to be celebrated!  Tell them how awesome they are doing next time you're in!

1 Pratt Ave (St. Elmo building)

Chautauqua, NY

We recycle cardboard.


We compost with Clearwater Creek.

16 W 3rd St. Jamestown, NY

We recycle plastic, glass, cardboard, and metal

We compost with Clearwater Creek

We use strawless lids and offer paper straws upon request.

We offer discounts if you bring in one of our tumblers to be filled! 

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All the good things your business does


for the environment go here!

Eco-Friendly Landscape and Snow Removal

We use all natural, chemical-free fertilizer

We compost our lawn trimmings, leaves, etc.

We donate 10% of our sales to environmental charities

Hand Crafted Home Decor

We recycle and reuse plastic, glass, and metal

We compost with Clearwater Creek

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