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Based in Chautauqua County, NY

My name is Sarah Moller

and I founded Clearwater Creek in 2019.  My goal is to help the earth and everything living on it.  There is so much that needs to be done to restore the health of the earth and Clearwater Creek is giving people an opportunity to become part of the fight for our environment.

Our planet is incredible.  

We have everything we need on this earth.  And every single species that exists here, has the ability to live and even thrive here, all together.  We just need to get better as humans, at taking care of our earth and all the living beings on our earth, including ourselves. 

In recent years we have made huge strides forward for the environment and I am so proud to be alive during a time where people are really standing up and fighting for this earth.  Clearwater Creek is helping more people join this fight.

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Giving Back

Our compost pick-up service is diverting thousands of pounds of food waste in Chautauqua County from going into the landfill, and instead giving it back to the earth by composting it and turning it into nutrient dense soil. In the last year we have composted over 2,500 lbs!


We have sent financial support to where they are needed.  We support the environment right here in Chautauqua County, AND all over the world.  Places that have been struck by disaster need this help the most.  Early in 2020 Australia lost billions of acres to wildfires.  We were able to send financial support to the Wildlife Warriors to give injured animals food, blankets, and medical supplies. 

Our Plant A Tree Program plants trees in Chautauqua County helping to create a healthier environment right here in our own community while also helping to fight climate change and heal our earth.

$1 from every Clearwater Creek Brand item sold will be donated to the Plant A Tree Program.


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